Ignoring My Kids

Last week I did something strange.

A friend of mine sent me a text Friday night and asked if I wanted to get together Saturday morning. She said she would even bring me coffee. Ordinarily, free coffee would make me do just about anything, but getting to hang out with my BFF and drink free coffee? Sounded like a slam dunk to me.

I looked at my phone and paused. Something didn’t feel right.

My kids had just returned from two days with my in-laws. They were in bed shortly after they arrived home that day so I hadn’t been given much time to be with them. I missed them.

Rather than text my friend back with an emphatic YES as well as my coffee order, I replied with, “Ya know, this is kind of weird… but we just got Lily and Levi back after two days and I think I really wanna just spend some time with them.”

That’s right, folks. I declined adult interaction and free coffee to hang out with Lily and Levi.

Well that’s weird. Continue reading


“I’m a Bad Mom” Monday: No, You Can’t Climb on Your Dresser

photo credit: kveton via photopin cc

photo credit: kveton

Last week, I laid Lillian and Levi down for a nap in the same room. Levi still sleeps in our bedroom at night, but since someday I’d like to enter my room after 7 p.m. without the fear of God in me, I’m slowly trying to get them to learn to sleep in the same room. Separate cribs of course, though on many occasions I’ve been tempted to throw them into the same crib for a toddler death match.

They weren’t sleeping. I had the video baby monitor on, but I could hear them from the dining room table where I was attempting to work. I just let them talk and babble away because, hey, they may not be sleeping, but at least they’re not crying or pulling on me or asking for cheese.

In the midst of working hard (okay, I was checking Twitter) I heard Lillian’s sweet voice saying, “Mom.. Mom… Mo-om…” Generally she does this when she’s pooped. The potty training thing isn’t going super well because I’m lazy, but at least she’s kind enough to tell me after she’s pooped so that’s something I guess.

I sighed because if I went in there to change her, I’d disrupt the whole notion of nap time and I really didn’t want to do that. I would leave and they would both throw a fit and the whole ordeal would begin again and they would never sleep. On the other hand… I didn’t want my daughter to have poop in her diaper. Call me a softy, but that doesn’t seem like something a “mom of the year” would do and I’m really going for that title this year. Continue reading

“I’m a Bad Mom” Monday: I Launched My Son into a Desk

photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc

photo credit: mikecogh

I struggle a lot with finding new and interesting and fun activities for my kiddos, especially those that entertain both kids at the same time. Lillian is 2 so she can do fun things like color (every flat surface) or play with Play-Doh (and smash it into the carpet.) Levi is 1 so he’s capable of eating crayons and Play-Doh. Which he does. I’ve changed the technicolor diapers as proof.

While my children are close in age, the gap right now is pretty developmentally dense, so anytime I come up with something all of us can do together is pretty exciting. The other day I had one of those great ideas.

My mother-in-law recently gave us a new desk chair. It’s a sturdy, swiveling, salmon-colored chair that is perfect for my husband who’s on the bigger side. It’s wide and has a tall back and did I mention it’s capable of spinning around and around in circles at speeds capable of injuring small children?

Well it is. Continue reading