The Mom Who Never Wanted the Job

Hi! I’m Toni Hammer and I’m the owner and writer of this here blog. Thanks for reading!

A little about me since that’s why you clicked here. I’m a stay-at-home mom who never wanted kids. I have two: Lillian and Levi.  What’s better than not wanting kids and winding up with two? How about the fact they were born 355 days apart?

My poor uterus.

When I’m not writing or cooking or cleaning or disciplining or scraping dried yogurt off the carpet, you can find me drinking copious amounts of coffee while tweeting, updating my Facebook status, and trying to shake a baby off of my leg.



One thought on “The Mom Who Never Wanted the Job

  1. And how a girl that never wanted to have kids, have two (not one but two?) ?? Id like to know the story. Greetings from Peru. Nice website. (i have no kids, had a miscarriage some months ago and im thinking seriously if i will try again. I adore my life as it is right now).


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