Mommy Guilt

The whole premise of this blog and my future book (assuming a publisher buys it) is the idea that I was completely unprepared for having kids. One of the things I had never thought about was “mommy guilt.”

Mommy guilt is an all consuming force that you can’t shake off or remove from yourself nor can you stuff it down with ice cream or Doritos. Once the baby exits the womb, mommy guilt rears its ugly head and perches upon your shoulder for eternity. My first moment of mommy guilt was when I had to ask Luke to change Lillian’s diaper in the hospital because I was a bit too sore to get out of bed. “I’m her mom. I should be doing this,” I thought as Luke changed her.

And so it begins.

Since mommy guilt is something that doesn’t go away according to my mom, and many other older moms I’ve talked to, I’ve decided to at least attack it with a little bit of humor as is my approach to most things. And, since the internet loves lists, here’s some things I’ve felt guilty about over the course of the last few days.

  • I didn’t give my kids a bath.
  • I did give my kids a bath, but they cried when I got them out.
  • I washed Lillian’s hair.
  • I didn’t wash Lillian’s hair.
  • My kids have eaten more meals on a blanket on the floor watching TV than at the table.
  • My kids watch too much TV.
  • I didn’t let my kids go outside.
  • I let my kids go outside and they got a little pink.
  • I finished brushing my teeth before starting another episode of Daniel Tiger.
  • I wouldn’t let my kids play “who can flush the toilet the most?”
  • I wouldn’t let Lily have Pringles, and only Pringles, for dinner.
  • I went pee with the door closed.

So that’s my mommy guilt for the week. What silly things have you felt guilty about?


7 thoughts on “Mommy Guilt

  1. This is so true!! It’s kind of like a curse. Recently, I have been beating myself up about how much TV I let Olivia watch. What I forget to remember is that I am working full time from home running the house by myself, because Jon’s gone a lot. I am always willing to give other grace, but I hardly ever pass that grace on to myself!!

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  2. “Mommy guilt” is always there! Even though I’m with my kids all day everyday, I’m haunted by the fact that I rarely play with them and I’m often stern instead if the fun mom I wanted to be.

    I actually found myself looking forward to bring a Grandma one day! I think it will be easier to just enjoy them.

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  3. Totally not proud of this one, but letting my boy sleep in pee-stained PJs. It was 3 AM. I just couldn’t get out of bed to change him. In my defense, he was in bed with me, so I was pee-stained, too. It’s just pee, right?


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